Enable your practice to blend 24 X 7 self service appointment booking with walk-in patients and many more digitally advanced clinic features in less than 24 hours

A 360 Solution

+PX can help improve every part of the operational side your practice giving you more time to focus on the most important things, your patients.

Keep reading to learn about specific benefits and contact us for a demo.

Add 10+ new patients per practice per week by optimizing the workflow

Decrease payment write-off by 15% by storing card on file feature

Reduce administrative task by 3-5 minutes per visit

Reduce No Shows by 15% allowing custom reminders set by pet owners choice

Operate with 50% less staff by automating check-in kiosks unit

Move 40% of volume to online self service model in 2-3 months

Optimize your business identity by boosting your Google search

Build your online reputation and maintain a healthy google score

Online Scheduling

Manage reservations and walk-ins using an intelligent scheduling system. Provide patients an ability to save their spot online and complete the paperwork online before they arrive at the clinic. Optimize your resources by 10-25% by avoiding appointment phone calls

Marketing Solutions

Allow us to manage as much or as little of your marketing as required. We can do everything from create and manage your website to make sure you are SEO optimized, create a customer acquisition plan, manage your Google Storefront listing, down to purchasing and maintaining digital advertising campaigns on your behalf and more.

Customer Engagement

Allow patients to control their appointment reminder schedule by letting them choose when they need to be reminded for their appointments and how. Just-in-time appointment reminders allows patients to manage their schedule on their own. Engage patients with post visit follow up messages and test results.

Clinic Performance

Understand your office resources utilization and performance with deep insights from our powerful reports. Things like patient service time, post-visit survey completion and NPS score average. Get a clearer picture on the number of patients seen per day, week, month, and many more.


Allow patients to register electronically using kiosk, tablets or their own device. Eliminate the paper based check-in process will save 3-5 minutes of patient registration time and allow your front desk to save several thousand hours per month. Additionally this contactless experience keeps your office safe and patient friendly at all times.

Reputation Management

Build your online reputation with our powerful survey module with Google Reviews integration. Establish a continuous feedback loop with automated patient surveys that increase your testimonials and patient interactions.

Customize reports to help optimize your practice

View things like average patient service time, post-visit survey completion and NPS score average, number of patients seen per day, week, month, and many more

Why Use +PX For Your Practice?

  • 25 million people are more likely to switch providers now than pre-COVID with more expecting a contactless experience now

  • Millennials want a digitally-enabled experienced to access healthcare resources like the hotel and airline industry and they are willing to shop for it

  • Independent medical practices are too dependent on front desk staff for too many tasks resulting in staff burnout and turnover

  • Healthcare is moving towards consumer-centric model where people are willing to share data between providers and break the data silos

Free up your staff's time with our digital front office solution. Better understand your business with powerful reporting tools and see more pets today.

*Only pay for appointments booked at $0.10 per booking