+PX helps save time, effort and money in every part of your operations allowing you to see more patients and grow your business.

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  • Online Scheduling

    • Patients can book available appointment through a web portal

    • They can also, cancel, reschedule, check themself in and more

    • SMS appointment reminders will be automatically sent

  • Customize Intake Forms

    • Customize consent language

    • Add your own questions to the intake form

  • eCheck-in

    • Patients can electronically check-in

    • They can also complete intake forms before they arrive spending less time in your waiting room

  • Practice Performance Reports

    • Get a clearer picture on the number of patients seen per day, week, month

    • Understand how much time is spent in each phase of the appointment

    • Keep track of post-visit survey completions and what your NPS score average is

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