EHR/EMR Integrations

Manage reservations and walk-ins in one system. Let patients self-book and manage reservations online or over SMS, 24 X 7. Reduce no shows between 10-25% with our auto reminder and rescheduling features. +PX offers integration with the most leading EMRs/EHRs in healthcare, enhancing and expanding the patient experience and seamless practice management workflow.

Insurance Verification

Allow patients to verify insurance coverage and copay information before the service is rendered to avoid any surprises and help practices reduce their payment collection issues after service is provided

Test Results

Through our integration with Labs, Patients can access their test results securely online on a timely manner without having to call the nurse or make a visit to the practice and crowd the waiting room. Choose when patients need to be reminded for their appointments. Just-in-time reminders allows patients to stay on top of their health.

Referral Management

Keep patient referrals within your network by leveraging referring practice schedules real-time to help make the right and timely choice when it comes to your patient referral to keep your patient happy and healthy