We believe patient experience is equally paramount to patient care.

Why is patient experience a big deal? Unhappy, patients aren’t as able to engage with their physicians and take care of their medical needs as happy ones are.

For medical professionals, surveys show that a source of burnout is the daily, repetitive administrative tasks required to maintain a medical practice. Entering data into the EHR, obtaining pre-authorizations, checking in patients and managing wait-time are not the things physicians thought they'd be doing when they signed up for the job.

If you can make a visit to your office convenient instead of a burden, patients will be more inclined to come and take great care of their health.

COVID-19 is forcing many health systems to scramble to re-think patient appointment scheduling and office workflows to create a contactless experience. We believe we are seeing just the tip of the iceberg on the impact on patient experience. Instead of retrofitting an existing system to meet new needs, we asked ourselves why not create a new, better system from the ground up? COVID-19 has impacted how we currently do things but let's take this opportunity to build a better way with an eye towards the future.

+PX (PlusPX) is committed to creating an amazing, safe and efficient patient experience system benefiting your workers and your patients. Let's create an amazing patient experience together.

Founding Team

Neil Parthasarathy, Co-Founder and CEO

Neil has over 23 years of rich technology experience as an executive, including CEO of Value Health Solutions (acquired by PRA Health Sciences, where he continued to serve as VP of Technology), and Practice Director of Industry Solutions at Wipro, a leading Global Services company and a technical account manager at Oracle. He has a Master’s Degree in Finance from Pondicherry University.

Nick Fortunato, Co-Founder and CMO

Nick is a creative and strategic leader who has built and run branded content studios over the past 15 years at HEAVY, Dailymotion and most recently at XO Group (The Knot, The Nest and The Bump) where he was a member of the leadership team that contributed to 3x growth for XO Group and a $1B acquisition in December 2018 by Permira Funds. He has a Masters in Fine Art from Rensselaer.

Management Team & Board Advisors

Sandeep Bhat, Growth Officer

Sandeep is a health and life sciences professional of 27 years, who advises pioneering disruptive startups, mentors entrepreneurs, and is both an evangelist and an enthusiast in innovative technology. He focuses on +PX product management and corporate strategy. His graduate and undergraduate degrees are in Bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania.